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High Exposure Extends Drone Services to Wagga Wagga


High Exposure Extends Drone Services to Wagga Wagga


High Exposure Drones

Drone Services in the Riverina


High Exposure is a provider of drone services and is excited to announce they have extended their operations to Wagga Wagga to assist in servicing the Riverina.


This move aims to provide the Riverina with easy access to remote inspections of assets and infrastructure as well as highly accurate 3D surveys. This may include the inspection and monitoring of assets such as bridges, mobile towers, powerlines, solar panels, water tanks as well as building facades and roofs.


Wagga Wagga is recognised as New South Wale’s largest inland city and therefore an ideal location to set up and operate from. This allows clients in the area to receive data faster and more financially economical by avoiding travel from Sydney. As the Riverina region grows in population and industry it seemed like a logical progression for the nature of aerial imagery services.


Enquiries typically received will fit the requirements of the area of Wagga Wagga and the Riverina. This revolves around projects including survey, construction, inspection, remediation, insurance, environmental management and promotion.

Large Aerial Tank Inspection 

Below are some UAV services High Exposure plans to deliver to organisations in the region.



Aerial mapping and Survey involves using aerial image capture techniques to create 2D maps and 3D models of construction sites, roads, farm land, crops and large areas of land. It provides complete data knowledge of the area allowing land owners to accurately calculate cross sections, volumes and elevations. This has a huge number of use cases which can range from flood modelling to measuring a road grade.



Aerial inspections are increasingly becoming more popular due to the inexpensive and effective deliverable. Detailed models and image reports are possible in a fraction of the time that a traditional inspection may take.


To get in touch with High Exposure Wagga Wagga you can contact us on [email protected] or 0435 308 616

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