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Reporting & Monitoring Services for your site

We have years of experience working with large construction companies to produce aerial surveys, progress reporting, asset inspections, surveys and also marketing content.

We are able to conduct regular identical flights over your site to monitor change over times.Β  Improve contributor and stakeholder collaboration by sharing data to anyone with an internet connection, or creating reports in PDF format.


Ensuring the Safety of your Workers & Equipment

Safety is our priority and we have a set protocol which is adhered to before any operation is carried out which includes a detailed risk assessment and pre-flight checks. Our drone operators hold white cards enabling them to enter any work site within Australia

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Frequently Asked Questions for this Product

Can drones lock in an exact position and return to it at a later date?

Yes. Our drones can lock in GPS positions and return to them at a later date for accurate progress reports. This process allows us to capture almost exact frames on every visit, allowing the viewer to effortlessly assess and report the progression of works over time.

Can the drone operators conform to site safety requirements?

Yes. Our drone operators hold valid white cards and PPE. They will also be made available for any on site inductions that are required.

What safety procedures does High Exposure have in place?

Safety is at the first priority of all of our operations. We abide by strict safety protocols and comprehensive maintenance schedules. A detailed risk and assessment process takes place for each operation to plan a safe launch and landing while managing any hazards that may be present during flight. Our drones have technology that will enable automatic return to home flight in the unlikely event that the radio signal is lost.

Can I see live footage of the site?

Yes. It can be of great benefit for site managers to be able to see live footage of the work sites. Video can be live streamed online enabling site managers to monitor particular events on site while being in the office

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