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Professional Aerial Video & Photography for Companies & Marketing Agencies

Advancement in drone technology has changed what is possible with aerial imagery to create unique and stunning visual experiences which was previously reserved for large budget productions.

High Exposure’s network of experienced drone pilots work with marketers and advertisers to create diverse, brand-oriented visual content for clients’ marketing campaigns, websites, and more.


Why Choose High Exposure?

Whether we are gathering visual content for your agency’s own campaign or a client you represent, we combine a deep knowledge of cinematography and photography with experts in remote control flight to achieve a result that portrays the brand’s personality, values, and location.

Aerial Footage for Unique Video Ads: Our promotional imagery and videos are perfect for companies and municipalities who are developing video ads, social media campaigns, or YouTube videos for advertising and marketing purposes.

Become a High-Quality Media Producer: Our fleet of drones is equipped with professional-grade camera equipment, including stabilizers. We diligently use our knowledge of UAV aviation and aerial imagery to not only capture high-quality images, but also to provide marketable footage that exemplifies the brands you work with.


Keeping your Campaigns Competitive with UAV Imagery

Because our high quality aerial video and photography services help you stand out from the crowd, you can enhance your business’s brand, engage more viewers, and charge a higher premium for your marketing packages.

To learn more about how we create professional aerial video & photography for companies and marketing agencies, contact us today

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Frequently Asked Questions for this Product

Is it safe to fly a drone at my event?

With careful planning we can organise to operate a drone to capture aerial imagery of your event. The drone may be flown from a safe location away from the general public.

Where in Australia does High Exposure service?

We are available to travel anywhere in Australia although may incur additional costs depending on the locations of our network of experienced drone pilots.

Do you offer video editing services?

Yes, we can shoot and edit your video as part of a package. Although, if you would like to do your own editing we can hand over the footage at a reduced rate.

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