Drone Asset Inspection

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Ensure the Safety of your Assets

A well prepared drone inspection strategy is crucial in monitoring the deterioration of assets.  Service interruptions, faults, and general wear and tear caused by neglect costs tremendous amounts of money to correct. Early detection of these issues is crucial for protecting infrastructure and company assets that are ageing or have recently been exposed to severe weather.

By partnering with High Exposure, you can inspect assets anywhere in the country, easily and affordably.


High Resolution Drone Inspection

High Quality Images: High Exposure understands how important it is to have clear, high-resolution images when reviewing the status and stability of assets. By using professional grade equipment, we are able to collect high quality images that provide you with a clear and detailed view of the condition of your asset from all angles and elevations.

Easily Access Difficult to Reach Assets: If your assets are located in a remote or hard to reach location, using traditional equipment is time consuming and costly. By using UAV’s to achieve access quickly and efficiently, you can save money, time, and ensure the safety of your asset.

Highlight Dark Spots: Our drone inspection equipment is equipped with high resolution cameras and custom mounted lights to allow the device to illuminate dark or dimly lit areas to guarantee reliable results for your company.

Watch the Results via Live Feed: In business, time is money. That’s why we provide live feeds of our UAV’s footage to ensure you have immediate feedback about the status of your asset. As a result, you can ensure any damages that have occurred or repairs that need to be made are called in as quickly as possible.


High Exposure are the Sydney drone inspection specialists. To request a custom quote for an aerial asset inspection solution, contact us today.

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Frequently Asked Questions for this Product

What types of assets are usually inspected with a drone?

We are able to capture useful data of almost anything. Existing projects have included, but not limited to building facades, rail infrastructure, water reservoirs, telecommunications infrastructure, bridges, and roof tops. Let our team know your ideas today and we will tailor a service to meet your needs.

How close can you fly to inspect my assets?

We use high resolution cameras to ensure we are able to maintain a safe distance from the infrastructure and still produce high quality imagery.

How can I view the images/video?

We can provide a digital handover of the images & video via a web link which the client can download. Although, on request we are able to live stream the video online to clients if they need an immediate report. We also offer 3D modelling of infrastructure that has proven very useful for clients.

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