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Specialising in professional drone inspection, mapping and photography services, we focus on providing a complete and comprehensive perspective utilising state of the art software captured by best in class aerial sensors.

High Exposure is dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality data and imagery available using a diverse range of high-end aerial systems and operating at the highest of safety standards. High Exposure utilises a large network of experienced operators capable of state and nationwide tasking providing assurance you’re dealing with experts in the aerial data industry.

Asset Inspection

Faster, safer and cost efficient drone data provides complete and comprehensive knowledge of your asset void of gaps as opposed to using traditional methods. High detailed imagery in combination with best in class visualisation software allows decisions to be made quickly and allow assets to be managed more easily

Aerial Mapping

Aerial Mapping

Precise photogrammetry analysis for projects of any size. We are able to provide you with accurate 3D reconstructions of any environment ready for analysis using an array of survey tools in an intuitive web interface. We service sectors from construction, land development, civil and residential.



Efficiently collect aerial data in order to improve site planning and quality control, manage assets, and reduce risk on the job site. Construction Project Managers are finding they need to spend less time travelling to work sites, and have more time to manage projects, by using regular aerial visuals for and live online streaming to remotely keep an eye on the progress overall and in detail.

Media & Promotion

Media & Promotion

Our high-resolution aerial footage and talented drone pilots provide clients with the content they need for business promotional projects, events, TV and cinema

Professional & Tailored Service

We have the experience, the equipment and the permits to get what you need. Our competitive rates are market leading and we can match the price of other commercial drone operators

Licensed & Insured for $20 million public liability

Safety is our highest priority in all of our operations. We hold all required CASA licenses and insurance to ensure a smooth operation.

High Quality Camera and UAV equipment

High quality service is produced by using our advanced drone systems and camera equipment


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