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Drone Construction Progress Photography

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Aerial photography for Construction Progress Reports


Tracking the progress of a job site through regular photo and video has been documented as the number one use for drones in a commercial application from a recent industry survey. Site managers who use drones to track progress on construction sites say they can’t afford NOT to have the photo/video reports. There are many ways using a drone on a construction site can help your business.

Recording and documenting events on site is a necessary and valuable tool for every construction contractor. Being able to share the status of a project with stakeholders and clients, monitor change over the course of a period and also to dispute any claims—capturing progression of a project is essential.

Drones are quickly becoming a popular tool to document the progression of a construction site. The aerial view they can achieve combined with high resolution photo and video enable them to give site managers the data they need and save money, time as well as causing no risk to human life.

If you aren’t using drones to document site progress, it might be time to reconsider. High Exposure aerial construction services can document the life cycle of your project and provide weekly, monthly reports which you can compare to carefully monitor the progress on your construction site.

Construction managers can save valuable time travelling to work sites by logging in from their office and viewing up to date imagery and video.

Organising regular drone progress photos and video of your site is not only an asset to the project itself but can also be used as a great marketing tool to promote to your clients.


Benefits of Construction Progress Photos and Video


  1. Judge if work is being completed on schedule
  2. Document the progress over time
  3. Track the efficiency of the layout of the site
  4. Determine if there is any unsafe material or hazards on site
  5. More easily keep track of certain stockpiles, materials or sections of a job site
  6. Track and record sub contractor jobs
  7. Dispute claims for litigation purposes by using physical evidence
  8. Demonstrate when progress was at the most/least optimal point in the project. This helps to locate bottlenecks and improve efficiency in the future
  9. Stakeholders, Subcontractors and other key players can access the drone progress reports at any time which helps to explain and plan and keep them informed of what stage the project is in currently
  10. Use during internal meetings and presentations
  11. Showcase your project as a marketing tool to demonstrate to clients your capabilities and efficiency
  12. A visual source of clear photographic records to release bonding capacity to be able to take on new projects
  13. Cheaper than using a helicopter or plane
  14. Can be taken more regularly, higher resolution than satellite imagery


GPS Tracked Repeatable Flights


Flight paths can be recorded and repeated by the push of a button using GPS software that integrates with the drone. This enables photos and video to be taken from the exact same location, heading and camera angle each and every time. This allows progress reports to be interpreted more easily and also looks more professional if being used for marketing purposes.

High Exposure can deliver all construction progress reports with no processing required on your end. Data is uploaded to our web interface which has an easy to use system to toggle between dates.

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