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Solar Farm Inspections

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How Drones can be Useful for Solar Farm Inspections


Using the latest technology in aerial thermal imaging equipment provides a rich set of data to streamline your workflows and generate valuable insights into ensuring a solar field is operating at maximum capacity. Solar panels commonly fall under three main categories of faults which are able to be identified with thermal imaging.

•     Module Faults: Individual hot spots on a single cell, diode failures, junction box issues, modules that are cracked or require cleaning as well as coating problems

•     String Faults: Damaged cables and inverter failures

•     Racking and balance of system: Usually in relation to the way in which modules are mounted


What type of Inspection is Required for your Needs


We want to ensure you are getting the correct level of data you require. We understand in some cases it might just be to ensure a new solar farm is operating as intended in which a high level inspection may be required. In other cases it may be a highly detailed inspection to pick up faults at the cell level or as part of an on going operation and maintenance program.

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