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The Rise of Drones as a Service: How this is changing the way some businesses operate

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The Rise of Drones as a Service


Some might think that the drone began life as a small, remote controlled toy plane designed for public use. However, this is not the case. The earliest drones were used exclusively by the military, which sheds some light on why these incredible pieces of kit are so tough, and so versatile.

Today, drones have a variety of applications in the private sector. They are well known for used in the commercial industry to deliver packages as well as fast food to reduce the congestion on the roads. Commercial applications for drone technology ensure that their benefits to business go well beyond pizza — as anyone working in the construction, video production, and media fields, among others, will attest. Here is how using drones is changing the way businesses operate.

Construction and Manufacturing

Drones help keep construction sites secure and collect data for city planning. In projects, they can collect real-time data, supervise and monitor the work, and keep track of progress. They are quick to map job sites. Project managers use them for safety, saving time and resources, and defining accurate measurements. In the manufacturing process they can take on intricate and difficult tasks from raw material discovery to assembly line inspection.

Image credit: PXHere

Video Production

Aerial photography and videography has reached new heights by going places that ordinary humans cannot. Cameramen for documentaries, for example, are now able to show breathtaking views from a bird’s perspective on television, by using drones to simulate a flight path. Drones can achieve many desirable photo angles and shoot stunning camera footage in high, fast-paced and dangerous scenes and remote places. They can be very small so as to minimise detection and attack by animals. Hence, they are the choice for aerial photography and filming.

Aerial view of Australia. Image credit: MaxPixel

Media and Entertainment

Using a drone to cover news stories allows the shooting of footage that would be risky, expensive and or even impossible with a manned aircraft. They are easier, smaller and cheaper to use than a helicopter.

Drones also replace other technology and the use of humans for entertainment purposes; Disney has filed for drone patents for synchronised light shows, floating projection screens and drone puppeteers.

Humanitarian Aid and Conservation

Drones can transport items to refugees and victims of disasters as well as offer video coverage that can be used to co-ordinate rescue efforts using aerial photography. Whereas before drones only showed NGOs where to go, they are now capable of being used for delivering humanitarian aid. They have also been used successfully in monitoring animals in national parks and preventing poachers.

Why drones?

Using commercial drones has crossover appeal in many industries. They are cost-effective and fast, alerting project managers to danger or errors and minimising delays and loss of profit. They range in size from the very small to the very large, and are good for the environment thanks to their electric power. Travelling at up to 160km, they can deliver packages weighing up to 2.3kg. There is also a great deal of commercial off-the-shelf technology available to civilians.

Freelance drone company project hire

There are regulations surrounding the operation of a drone while simultaneously filming, so only licensed drone businesses can work as a freelance drone pilot. This requires a Remote Pilot License delivered by the CASA. Because they are so adaptable, freelance drone companies are available to provide assistance with construction, video production, media, and many other types of projects. To learn more about how our drone services can help you be successful in your project, contact us.

Using drones is a revolutionary way to easily handle a variety of tasks, which otherwise would range from the seriously time-consuming to the downright impossible. This has led to businesses changing how they operate in a big way. Nowadays, everything from data collection and high-resolution photography, to film footage, package delivery and security is handled by drones. Although other business ideas have come and gone, drones look as if they are here to stay.

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