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Reliable 3D Modelling & Mapping Services

Aerial mapping and surveying requires a reliable, highly accurate visualization of the property and land.

High Exposure strives to provide developers with accurate data that ensures you can have a solid understanding of the land, property, and potential of the terrain being mapped.


The Benefits of Working with High Exposure

We Know Accuracy is Crucial: To protect the success of your project and the investments made by shareholders, we take extra care to ensure the data we provide is accurate and detailed. The advanced technology we use allows us to create a 3D reconstruction of any environment, regardless of the terrain. We are able to provide certified surveys that are up to 3cm accurate with the use of ground control points if needed.

Faster Analysis: Our experience conducting UAV surveys allows us to collect data about your property faster than alternative surveying methods. By using our services, you can focus less energy on gathering data and more time analysing the results.

High Resolution: As a professional provider of UAV aerial services, our company uses only state of the art high-resolution cameras and mapping software.

Review Construction Plans before Building: By providing 3D maps and renderings of initial site surveys, access planning, volume and area measurements, and progress reports, our UAV modeling and mapping services improve site planning, quality control, and asset management for construction projects of all types.

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Frequently Asked Questions for this Product

How large of an area can you map?

High Exposure can accurately map an area up to 100ha per visit.

Can accuracy be improved by using traditional surveys?

High Exposure can work with your existing surveyors to increase global accuracies. If our ground control system does not suit your site for any reason, you may ask your existing surveyor to establish several known points around the site and supply us with this information. We can utilise this data to improve the global accuracies of our processed maps.

How accurate are the surveys?

If we use ground control points, we can achieve accuracy up to 3cm. Otherwise, using the GNSS system within the drone it could be up to 1m. Contact us to see what will work best with your site.

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