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Aerial Drone Event Photography & Videography

Our equipment and UAV experience allows us to capture a wide array of events with our drones, including cinematic displays for weddings, corporate functions or fast moving sporting events.

  • Being fully licensed and insured means we are able to fly faster, closer and safer
  • Safety is our first priority which is why we conduct risk assessments for every job and use the latest drone technology
  • We can also live stream events upon request

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Why use high exposure?

Professional & Tailored Service

CASA Licensed. Insured for $10 million public liability

High Quality Camera and the Latest UAV equipment

Aerial Images

Our Services

  • Real Estate
  • Asset Inspection
  • Promotion & Events
  • Aerial Mapping & Survey
  • Construction

Real Estate

Create unique aerial perspectives in your property listing’s to showcase the exterior and surrounding location. Our professional drone hire services are ready to create a promotional package to suit your needs. Learn more

Asset Inspection

When accessibility hazards and distance make it difficult to manually inspect individual assets, high resolution drone imagery is ideal to ensure an efficient and safe operation. Our live stream service also allows clients to view video in real time online, making it possible to monitor & repair damaged assets even faster. Learn more

Promotion & Events

Our high-resolution aerial footage and talented drone pilots provide marketers the content they need to create stand-out marketing campaigns, video ads, and branding material. Learn more

Aerial Mapping & Survey

Precise photogrammetry analysis for projects of any size. We are able to provide you with accurate 3D reconstructions of any environment in which you can take measurements from. We service sectors from construction, land development, civil and residential. Learn more


Efficiently collect aerial data in order to improve site planning and quality control, manage assets, and reduce risk on the job site. Construction Project Managers are finding they need to spend less time travelling to work sites, and have more time to manage projects, by using regular aerial visuals for and live online streaming to remotely keep an eye on the progress overall and in detail. Learn more

Our Equipment

High Exposure provides high resolution imagery using the safest and most reliable drones available.

Our professional grade equipment includes:

Commercial Drones: Our fleet of UAV’s are equipped with powerful intelligent flight modes, obstacle avoidance detection and the ability to transmit 1080p live video back to the operator or online. They are also able to fly in extreme conditions such as high velocity wind and cold temperatures ensuring we can get the job done on time, every time.

High-Resolution Photography Equipment: The photography equipment we use can capture up to 60 frames per second in 4k or 120fps in 1080p, allowing us to record in buttery slow motion if necessary. By using sophisticated 3-axis brushless gimbals, we can maintain a level camera creating perfectly smooth video even in harsh conditions. We are also able to capture 20 megapixel still images in RAW format which enables us to see incredible detail and dynamic range in photographs.