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Real Estate Drone Photography

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Aerial Real Estate Photography for Sydney and Surrounding Areas

Thanks to the affordability and high-resolution imagery available with drones, it’s now possible to differentiate yourself from the other agents and brokerages in your area while selling listings faster.


Why Choose UAV Photography?

By using High Exposure’s high-resolution footage to create aerial visual content for your online advertisements, you can instantly differentiate your agency from the competition.


High Exposure’s Aerial Real Estate Photography Drives Real Estate Success

Highlight the Outdoor Benefits of Each Listing:

Looking at traditional photos makes it difficult to garner a true understanding of a home’s layout and outdoor space. By using aerial imagery, real estate agents and brokerages can easily highlight the layout of a property, including the exterior features such as pools and yard space.

Emphasize the Surrounding Community:

Things like nearby highways, accessibility to shopping areas, parks and schools in the area are all factors that homeowners take into consideration before purchasing a home. By using drone photography to create a unique perspective of the community, you can reduce the amount of time taken to close new leads and sell homes faster.


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Frequently Asked Questions for this Product

What type of real estate do you capture aerial imagery for?

We are able to capture high resolution photographs and video for apartments, high rises, vacant blocks, houses, farms as well as commercial and industrial property

How are the photographs & video delivered?

The client will be sent a link in which they can download the content from. The content may be delivered the next business day for simple jobs. If editing is required, the turn around time may be longer.

Can you capture ground video or internal photography of properties?

Yes, at High Exposure we have the required equipment and expertise to capture stunning internal and ground based imagery to showcase your property.

Do you offer video editing services?

Yes, we can shoot and edit your video as part of a package. Actors and a voiceover can be organised for those looking to go to the next level.  Although, if you would like to do your own editing we can hand over the footage at a reduced rate.

Will my neighbours see or hear the drone?

Yes, there is a chance that your neighbours will be able to see and hear the drone if they are in close proximity. We try our best to do due diligence where required and inform owners/tenants of nearby properties that a commercial drone operation will be taking place. We will not be flying over anyone else’s property without their permission.

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