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The client was seeking a cost and time effective method for a general inspection of the internals  of a digester tank at one of their Sydney sites. The tank reached a depth of approximately 20m underground and had a small opening to access the tank about half way down. The main concern was concrete cancer, cracks and corrosion that may have developed requiring repair depending on severity. Erecting scaffolding to inspect the tank was going to take a significant amount of time to complete at substantial cost. 



High Exposure utilised a Flyability Elios remotely piloted aircraft which is an industrial grade unit housed within a durable frame to protect the propellers from making contact with any part of the structure. This enables the UAV cage to press up against the walls and roof of the structure without the concern of a crash. The UAV is able to withstand magnetic interference and is equipped with a visual and thermal camera on a 180 gimbal as well as an adjustable light. A close range visual inspection of the roof and walls of the tank were conducted with the drone in less than a day.



Clear video and thermal files for each section of the tank were delivered in the following days which were then assessed by the clients team. The data allowed an overview on the tanks walls and roof and also focus on the points of interest to locate any defects in the structure. The overview on the location of the cracks and the details shown on the roof was highly beneficial to the assessment. This would not have been possible without installing a full birdcage scaffold. The footage allowed those not familiar with the digester and also those who could not enter the confined space to see basic issues with the structure. This resulted in them being able to  provide details on any further assessment required to make an informed decision on any major repairs required.


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