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Where can you fly?

As a CASA licensed operator, High Exposure is able to fly almost anywhere in Australia. There are areas which will need careful planning and may require an exemption from the governing authority in order to be deemed a safe operation. These areas include populated areas, close proximity to airports and areas with high aerial traffic.

We are able to fly in specific locations of the CBD upon request although there are many restrictions and careful planning will be required. We recommend you give us a call or make an enquiry so we can discuss your plans for the operation.

Sydney Harbour
Yes, we can operate in the harbour, although in some cases it may be required to launch from a boat to ensure that we can operate safely and comply with legislation. An exemption for flying in Sydney Harbour is required due to the high level of helicopter traffic and will need a minimum of 48 hours to obtain clearance.

Can you fly in any weather?

Optimal conditions for aerial photography and video require winds less than 15km/h. Our advanced drones however are able to fly in conditions up to 30km/h and produce stunning and stable visuals. Unfortunately, due to current drone technology, we are unable to fly in the rain.

How high, far and long can you fly for?

Due to Australian legislation we are limited to flying 400ft (121m) above ground level.

Our drones are capable of flying several km’s from the operator although due to Australian laws we need to ensure we maintain line of sight at all times.

Depending on the drone set up, we are able to fly up to 30min on a single battery. Changing batteries is quick and we can be back in the air in a matter of minutes. If longer shoots are required, we can use portable battery storage devices to charge drone batteries.

Are you licensed?

High Exposure holds a Remote Pilots Operators Certificate (ReOc 6409) which enables us to fly commercially and safely in a wide range of locations within Australia. This certification also allows High Exposure to apply for exemptions enabling us to fly in a wider range of locations than most operators.

Are you insured and is it safe?

Yes, we are insured for public liability up to 10 million dollars. Cover up to 20 million is available on request.
At High Exposure, we put safety as our first priority. We undertake a detailed risk and assessment process for each operation to plan a safe launch and landing while managing any hazards that may arise during flight.

What camera equipment do you use?

Video: The photography equipment we use can capture up to 5.2k RAW video or 4k/60fps & 1080p/120fps, allowing us to record in buttery slow motion if necessary. The amount of detail we can get out of the Zenmuse X5s micro 4/3 camera is truly incredible when using the Apple Prores or Cinema DNG format.

Photos: We are also able to capture 20 megapixel still images in RAW format which enables us to see incredible detail and dynamic range in photographs. A 45mm lens mounted to our micro 4/3 X5s camera allows us to get even closer to the action.

Stabilisation: By using sophisticated 3-axis brushless gimbals, we can maintain a level camera creating perfectly smooth video even in harsh conditions.

How much will it cost?

You are able to view pricing guidelines for a particular service after submitting an enquiry from our website. Alternatively, give us a call on 0435 308 616. Although, keep in mind we are able to tailor a solution to meet your budget and specific requirements

What can drones be used for?

We use our drones for capturing aerial photography and video which would ordinarily be a much longer, less efficient, dangerous and costly exercise. There is a huge variety of applications across a wide range of industries, including aerial surveying, environmental monitoring, building and asset inspections, construction progress reporting, marketing purposes and many more. If you have an idea to use drones for your business or a project you are working on, please give us a call or submit an enquiry and we can discuss the options.

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