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The Rules on Drones in Australia

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NSW Drone Laws in Australia

Love them or hate them, drones are here to stay. With the number of drones exponentially increasing, they are a popular item on Christmas wish lists. There are however concerns for safety and privacy and depending on whether you fly a drone commercially or recreationally can dictate where, what and how you fly.

Drone Photography Raises Questions About Privacy And Safety

The lack of privacy legislation around drones in Australia can be a controversial topic

Recreational Flyers

In the US, you need to register any drone before they are used. This is not the case here in Australia. You can go down the shop, pick one up and be flying that day. There is no license required. There are however a few rules that need to be abided by


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you can’t fly drones in restricted areas or over 400ft


Commercial Operators

The rules that govern professional operators are essentially the same as recreational, although there are two different types of

operator classes. Ones who have a license and those who do not. Commercial operators without a license are not allowed to operate a drone (to make money) that is over 2kg.


Those operators who do have a license are able to apply for exemptions with CASA to fly in restricted areas. They can also fly at night and within 15m of people (if they have them sign waivers). Many council permits will only be given to licensed operators with public liability insurance.


Privacy Laws

There are no hard and fast rules regarding privacy issues currently and it’s all a bit unclear. There has been no case to date in which an individual has been charged with breaching privacy with use of a drone.

Currently, flying a drone over private property isn’t illegal under CASA rules, nor is filming someone from it.


Oh, and the answer is no…. you can’t shoot down a drone over your backyard.



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