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Power Line Inspections

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Why Use Drones to Inspect Power Lines


Power line inspections are a costly, time-consuming process. A visual inspection of power lines are usually required every 1–2 years and a more detailed inspection once in every 3–5 years. With the sheer volume of this infrastructure across Australia, drones are the ideal tool to complete these routine inspections. Many of the areas are remote and can be difficult to access. High Exposure can deploy a team of experienced operators to ensure optimal data is acquired, stored, managed and sufficiently delivered to the client. Overhead transmission lines can transmit high levels of interference which is why our drones are equipped with systems to combat this and ensure optimal imagery is captured regardless of the environment.


Use Cases


●     Routine inspections to identify corrosion, missing bolts, birds nesting, or other abnormalities

●     Recording of inventory

●     Monitoring of encroaching vegetation to reduce fire risk


Data Management


This is a very important aspect of our deliverable. It’s crucial that context is given to each image to allow assessors to understand exactly where the issues are located on the power line or transmission tower as well as the location of the tower itself. Geo-referenced imagery is placed on a satellite map to show exactly where the image was taken which saves time and ensures decisions are made quickly to allocate resources to undertake maintenance.


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