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Why are Drone Asset Inspections So Important?


Safely and efficiently gather inspection data from the air for building and assets much more economically than traditional methods. A close visual inspection of your asset provides invaluable knowledge to assist in analysing the condition. Once the brief is finalised, the correct remotely piloted aircraft and payload are selected which is then matched with a team of operators who are skilled in that area.

Frequent inspections can detect change over time and highlight problem areas before they become an expensive repair job.

Asset Type

  • Solar Field Inspection
  • Bridge Inspection
  • Building & House Inspection
  • Mobile Tower Inspections
  • Powerline & Tower Inspection

Solar Field Inspection

Drones are incredibly useful in inspecting solar farms due to the huge reduction in time while being able to provide both RGB and radiometric imagery in the same flight from the same sensor. Our aerial systems can spot module faults with cells as well as failures with diodes. String and system faults are easily identifiable. Our experienced operators have completed over 14 solar farm inspections providing valuable data for analysis Learn more

Bridge Inspection

Our bridge aerial inspections have proven their value time and time again by being able to reach places rope access and elevated work platforms can't. High end zoom cameras allow high detailed imagery all all areas of the structure. Learn more

Building & House Inspection

Our aerial systems are capable of close visual inspections of building roofs and facades to assist in fast detection of defects such as damaged tiles, brick work, facade cracks window lintel issues. Thermal cameras can also be used to detect leaks in buildings or houses. geo-referenced images allow for easy reference to the defect area. 3D visualisations can also be created which provides incredible context to the asset and it's condition. Learn more

Mobile Tower Inspections

4G and 5G Mobile phone tower asset owners are always looking for ways to reduce inspections costs and time due to the vast number of towers throughout Australia. Drones are an ideal, fast and efficient method or completing these inspections. Issues such as corrosion, animal intervention, faulty wiring and missing bolts. Learn more

Powerline & Tower Inspection

Drones have become an essential tool in powerline inspections by transmission network managers with crucial data to make informed decisions. Our industrial RTK drones are immune to interference to allow safe flight. Zoom lenses allow high detail of the powerline ad all its components such as cross members, phase conductors, insulators and missing bolts. Learn more


Thermal Inspection

Collecting data using conventional and drone thermal imaging means deterioration of materials, locations of thermal leakage and sites of water infiltration can be quickly identified.

Close Visual Inspection

Close Visual Inspection

With the advance in technology of aerial systems and integrated cameras we have the ability to capture the information required from a greater range, making image data collection significantly faster and eliminates risk of harm to both personnel and equipment



– Rather than having workers at height and in dangerous positions, we can undertake the operation with zero risk to human life

– Due to the lower cost of drone inspections, assets can be inspected more frequently. This leads to catching defects early before they can become a hazard to people

– Frequent general aerial inspections on construction sites can spot issues quickly to ensure the safety of people onsite

Save Time

– A drone can be set up within minutes of being on location and easily navigate around the asset.

– No need to set up harnesses,ladders or organise a team to cover large areas.

– Also no need to shutdown systems resulting in zero service downtime.

Save Money

– Often what takes days with traditional methods can take hours with drones using less people to conduct the inspection.

– The equipment used is cheaper than traditional methods and therefore cheaper to hire.

– Manned inspections are often associated with enormous insurance costs which are greatly reduced.

– Potential work cover claims are also reduced to the safety of using drones for inspections.


– Using rope access , EWP’s or scaffolding has its limits. We can position aerial cameras in the ideal position to enable a close visual inspection of your asset.

– This gives you a higher quality of data than what would ordinarily be available.

– Being able to place drones in these areas so easily without human presence can prevent the need for service interruptions to assets


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