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Could Drone Videography Boost your Internet Marketing Campaigns?

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Using Drone Videos for Marketing – Aerial Is the Future of Visual Media

Marketers are well-aware of the importance of using visual media today. In 2017 alone, video has become the #1 form of media, receiving more engagements and views that all other types of written content.

Needless to say, finding ways to get creative with your visual media is essential for making your videos and photos stand out from your competitors.  With aerial drone photography and cinematography, you can position yourself (and your clients) as industry leaders by using one-of-a-kind angles and views in your marketing.

Let’s take a look how using UAV imagery can take your marketing to the next level.


An Affordable Alternative to Helicopters

In the past, marketers who needed aerial footage would be forced to rent a helicopter to obtain their images. Today, drones have cut those costs dramatically by providing marketers a low-cost, easy to customise method for capturing aerial footage of locations, events, activities, and more.

Aerial imagery during events can create a unique perspective not possible with traditional methods.

Create Unique Videos for Local Areas

By incorporating aerial videos and photos of local regions, landmarks, and events into marketing campaigns, brands can position themselves as leaders in their local industry.

Drones give businesses the opportunity to capture high-quality videos from above. Because consumers are often more likely to make a purchase from a local company as opposed to a business from outside their area, brands can use UAV’s to emphasise their local roots.


Advertise Destinations

One of the most popular and effective ways to advertise destinations, events, and tourist attractions is aerial video and photos using drones.

Because consumers want to know what a place looks like and the amenities offered, aerial videos and photos give them the ability to truly gain and understanding of the destination’s surroundings while written content can explain the amenities and features.

Because aerial images and videos allow marketers to include a 360 view of the location or destination they are advertising, these services are perfect for promoting cities, hotels, and campgrounds.


Compile Engaging Content for Social Media

More than ever, social media marketing success is dependent on high-quality, original visual content.

Emerging platforms like Instagram and are entirely reliant visual media, and give content creators a perfect opportunity to cut through the noise if high quality videos and images are used. By capturing a quantity of aerial photos and video footage with drones, you can then cut that content into pieces and repurpose it to fill your social media content calendar.

Using UAV technology to create marketing campaigns is a relatively new idea, which gives marketers endless possibilities to create, plan, and utilise new strategies that help them differentiate from their competitors and build a highly recognisable brand. Today, using drone videos for marketing purposes allows agencies to capture unique aerial videos and photos that can be repurposed in YouTube videos, social media campaigns, advertise designations, and more.

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