The Benefits of Aerial Drone Inspections for Commercial Construction

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Aerial Drone Inspections Increase Construction Productivity

When building a new commercial project, nothing is more crucial than plan accuracy and keeping the project under budget. But until now, conducting land surveys and creating 3D renderings of plans was expensive and time consuming.  Thanks to UAV technology, however, these hurdles can easily be overcome.

Today, we’ll take a look at the benefits of aerial drone inspections for commercial construction.


Hazardous obstacles can be easily identified from the air.

Manage Progress

Commercial construction projects are often built in “phases.” Most contractors request payment at the end of each phase before continuing to the next step.

In the past, the only way to conduct progress reports on a commercial project was to walk the project manually while taking photos of the job status as documentation. Needless to say, this method is time consuming and can leave room for error.

Thanks to UAV technology, however, developers can now track the progress of their project with aerial inspections that capture every necessary angle. This allows developers to easily view the job’s progress via live stream from their office. As a result, project managers can save man hours by cutting out travel time to and from the job site.


Monitor the Project for Worker Safety

In the past, enforcing safety regulations was a difficult feat. With so many trades on the job site, foreman and safety personnel had difficulty managing all the individuals and individual projects on the site.

By thanks to UAV aerial photography and video, developers and municipalities can quickly and easily monitor the entirety of a large job site for safety hazards and neglect of safety protocol.  Because High Exposure offers live video feeds from our UAV devices, your team can check the jobsite for safety breaches in real time and make corrections immediately before those hazards cause a safety accident.

Save Time Travelling from Site to Site

In the past, site managers were forced to monitor site progress and adherence to safety guidelines by driving from site to site.  By using our UAV inspections to monitor multiple projects, site managers can stop wasting time travelling from one site to another by monitor their projects from their office using a live online stream.

Although they are relatively new to the construction industry, drones can be used for all aspects of the design-build process.

From conceptualising the finished plans using 3D renderings to ensuring safety regulations are followed during the building process, UAV’s provide developers and general contractors the high-quality images and accurate data needed to ensure their project is successful from beginning to end.

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