5 Ways Aerial Photography Can Grow your Real Estate Business

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Aerial photography could change your real estate business.

In the world of marketing, visual media has quickly become the top way to promote a brand and drive engagement with your target audience. In the real estate world, this new trend can be used to your advantage – if you know how to leverage it.

Today, we’ll take a look at the ways aerial real estate photography can make your listings stand out against the competitors, help you collect leads from qualified buyers, and push listings to sell faster.



Ways to Grow your Business with Aerial Real Estate Photography:

Almost all real estate companies use photography to market their listings. But unlike traditional photography, aerial photos provide a wealth of new opportunities for agents and brokerages alike.

Read on to discover specific ways aerial photos and videos can build your business.


Advanced Marketing Entices More Clients: Property owners and investors want to work with a real estate agency that is professional and able to sell (or rent) their listing quickly. By using aerial photography in your listing marketing campaigns, you can entice the business of more clients and increase the number of listings you manage.

Attract Qualified Buyers:  Unlike traditional photography, aerial photography helps to highlight the surrounding area and display the architecture of the house. By giving clients the ability to see different angels of the home’s exterior, gather an idea of the view they would have from their home, and more, you are also giving potential buyers the type of information they often request when viewing the home for a visual showing.

Reduce the Amount of Time Spent on Showings: One of the most time-consuming activities of real estate agents is showing houses. Because aerial imagery provides leads with answers to common questions (such as details on the surrounding area), agents can reduce the amount of time they spend answering questions, and increase the time it takes to close a listing.

UAV photography and videography is a new but highly effective way to grab the attention of qualified buyers for your listings. Not only does it provide leads with more information about the home’s layout, exterior, and surrounding community, it also shows property investors that your team spends extra effort to market listings effectively. If you’ve been searching for a way to make your listings (and brokerage) stand out from the fierce competition in your area, aerial photography and videography is an affordable and effective way to grow your business.

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